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• Business Working Capital Funding/Loan programs

• Monetization & Trading

• Currency Exchanges - ALT. DTC / Repo Swaps
IPIP/DTC - Off Ledger to On Ledger

SBLC/MTN/BG - Acquisition, Monetization and Trading

Global Project Development Programs
• Commodity Buy/Sell Programs

• Micro/Small/Medium/Large Cap Trading Programs

• Creative Funding Solutions
Non-Bank Private Equity Funding
Our day to day activities include providing global funding options for businesses, acquisition-monetization-trading our financial instruments, and, currency exchange through investment platforms. Our non-bank private equity funding is both business revenue & asset-based and with/without collateral requirements. We also focus on BGs, SBLCs, MTNs, Currency Exchange [Alt. DTC & Repo Swaps], Buy/Sell Various Hypothecated Instruments, Bank Cards [digital currency], Bitcoin Mining, Gold and other Precious Metals. Our Financial 'Alchemy' of products and strategies reaches all parts of the globe. We trade on behalf of corporations, Hedge Funds and 'High Net-Worth' individuals. We partner with financial experts and banks in North, South & Central America, Europe & Asia. We provide the tools for a full array of investors; Entities looking for trades with principal guarantees to individuals looking for quick and superior gains.
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